Our Story...

My love for knitwear started when I was a child. My mother taught me the first steps to knit infinite long scarves and I never stopped creating knitted garments from there. I always felt a special attraction for children's knitwear, even before my daughter was born. To create little handcrafted pieces by different textures and shapes became a true passion to me.
However, It was a long way before creating Sol de Mayo. I come from an Italian family and I spent my childhood in Argentina, where I studied Arts and Textile Design, at the University of Mar de Plata.


I moved to Barcelona to deepen my knowledge of knitwear technology at UPC. After that, I gained a Masters degree in Fashion and Textile at DMU, England. Back to Barcelona,I worked for Inditex group in Spain and then as freelance, always
dedicated and ever passionate about knitwear.
Life and love made me move to France ten years ago and in 2013 Sol de Mayo was born.

Looking for nice clothes for my daughter I realised that often knitted clothes contain a big percentage of chemical fibres, even for expensive brands.  Garments look old just after the first wash.

That's why I began aiming not only to create
knitted pieces made by the finest natural fibres, but also focused in the details of design. Children need clothes to feel relaxed, but there is no reason to forget about design.

I wanted to find a distinctive style beyond trends.
Beautiful and comfortable clothes with the eternal charm of timeless styles. To me, a refined simplicity means true luxury and that is the essence of Sol de Mayo.

Monica Pigliacampo